1. Power system

Wire and cable products used in power systems mainly include bare wires for overhead transmission lines, bus bars (busbars), power cables, and wires and cables for electrical equipment used in electrical equipment.

2. Information transmission system

Wire and cable used in information transmission systems, such as telephone cables, cable television cables, data transmission cables, RF cables for mobile wireless communication systems, and various electronic cables. In recent years, the proportion of fiber optic cable in the information transmission network has rapidly increased, becoming the main transmission medium of information transmission lines.

3. Wire and cable for electrical equipment and electrical instruments

In the two systems of power and information, from the starting point of the system (such as generators, signal transmitters), through the various nodes of the system (such as transformers, program-controlled switches) to user terminals (such as household appliances, telephones, televisions, computers), All of these equipment use a large number of wires and cables.

These wires and cables are divided into functions according to functions: one is a carrier magnet wire (winding wire) that converts electric energy into magnetic energy or converts magnetic energy into electric energy; the other type, which is a connecting wire of components in the device, transmits power or The role of the transmission signal.