When implementing the ISO9001 standard, our company has established corresponding after-sales management procedures and after-sales service department, and promises:

1. Our company strictly implements the supply contract and produces it on demand.

2. According to the demand of the demander, timely delivery, free delivery to the designated location of the buyer.

3. Our company provides technical guidance for cable and construction as required by the purchaser, and provides cable construction drawings and construction test reports.

4. The service life of the product is more than 15 years.

5, cable, warranty period is 24 months, during the warranty period, if the user finds that the quality of our company's products itself, then our company is responsible for warranty or exchange and bear the loss.

6. In addition to the product warranty period, during the service life, our company will do a good job of maintenance and cooperation. When the demander cable is accidentally damaged during the use, the after-sales service department will arrive at the scene within 24-48 hours after receiving the notice. Repair.

7. Our company regularly visits users according to the regulations, understands the user's usage and establishes user files, so that our company can further improve the product quality.